2014 Sturgis Rally Campground Rates

Glencoe Campground Rate and Reservation Information, 2014 Sturgis Rally. Due to the increased numbers of attendees coming to the sturgis rally earlier each year, the Glencoe CampResort has extended the reservation period to include seven full days before the official start of the Sturgis Rally.

Glencoe Campground - Rates and Reservation Information - Early Bird Pricing

All rates quoted are for Early Bird reservations only.  Rates subject to increase.

For the 2014 Sturgis Rally, Glencoe CampResort will accept reservations for a 15-day period. As availability decreases, rates will increase.  Booking early guarentees you the lowest possible rate.  Click on the reservations link for current rate and availability information.

Sturgis Rally Wristbands - Glencoe CampResort Camping Wristbands

Rates for a Glencoe wristband are priced at $195.00 for limited time only and include access to Glencoe CampResort grounds and facilities and are required by each camper staying with us. 

RV Site Rates

Each RV site is 25’ wide x 75’ long, thus providing 50% more space per site than required by South Dakota State Camping Regulations. By providing the additional space, it allows the individual renting an RV site adequate space to park their motorcycles and trailer along with even the largest RV’s. You may secure a site with either 30-amp or 50-amp service with a standard RV outlet and regular 120 volt outlet. Each site has access to a 3/4-inch water faucet outlet, but of course, you will need to provide your own garden hose. A four-inch sewer service is provided for each site, but again you will need to bring an adequate, flexible sewer hose to connect your RV to our sewer service. Our water and electrical are located at the rear of the RV sites. If you bring a long trailer, you will need additional electric cord, water hose and sewer hose to reach these hookups.

Sturgis Rally Cabin Rentals

For the 2014 Sturgis Rally, Glencoe CampResort will accept reservations for a 15-day period. Rates for a sleeping cabins subject to availability.  Click here for more informaiton on our Sturgis Rally Cabin Rentals.

NOTE: All campers must purchase a wristband. The full-hookup RV sites are an additional charge.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Reservation Cancellation Until May 31, 2014. Reservations may be cancelled for any reason until May 31s t, 2014 with a 25% handling charge deducted. 


Reservations Are Final and Non-Refundable. After May 31, 2014 all reservations are final and non-refundable.

No Refund Policy. Regardles s of how many days you actually s tay at Glencoe CampResort.

Additional Information. If you have any additional ques tions that remain unanswered by this informational, please write or call us toll-free at 1-800-272-4712 or email us at campinfo@glencoecampground.com

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